Sunday, August 19, 2012

PROFITCLICKING - The New Justbeenpaid


            There are rumors circling around the community of JUSTBEENPAID members (with the nuisance of impatient members about the delays of payment, and the assurance of new coming "servers" that will ultimately solve the present delays..) that there is a new remarkable program which is being cooked to replace or to improve JBP. As we scourge the internet and with the help of fellow gossipers, We have come accross this "NEW COMING SOON" website. Check this out!


There are numerous feature from JUSTBEENPAID which are similar to this "New" website. So you can't really distinguish it from the former. Or will this be an added program from the successful JSS Matrix  and JBP Triplers. Will this be the revealing new face of added TRAFFIC EXCHANGE of Justbeenpaid? Let's Take a look with the following features.

1. They share the same Payment Processors

2. Their system are similar.  2% daily on weekdays, 1.5% on weekends up to 81 days

3. Their Live feed comes directly from JBP Headquarters Twitter Account

So, Its up to you guys! JUSTBEENPAID are keeping it all under wraps, but for sure this news will be out soon! And for the new concept of ProfitClicking, this will open a new era of greater heights of income generating opportunity once again! Justbeenpaid will not be dissapointing those members which are now enjoying the benefits. 

To the makers of JBP, and this whole new thing of business. We will gladly embrace whatever big guns will be unleashed to the masses! 

See the Website Here:

Will post soon new updates for PROFITCLICKING!