Monday, August 27, 2012

ProfitClicking Seeks More Time From Members

Profitclicking had just released a news flash on their website, their statement indicates that the system will still continue to show "bugs" and system malfunctionality and ask the member to hold their patience. 

With the growing discontentment of the former JBP members, their anxiety towards their funds will make this fuel more. As the moderators and support staffs keep on taming the crowd to be more patient, the negative reviews that circles around ProfitClicking are hurting their recent launched website. People are asking why there is a sudden launch of a program when the system is not yet fully functional, these recent events have caught many former JBP members off guard. 

People are waiting eargerly and watching the developments of ProfitClicking if indeed it will live true to its name.. to Profit or will it be a loss.

Here is their recent news today: