Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Transfer in

Watch the video of JBP Alice shows how a Justbeenpaid member can join the New ProfitClicking program

There are some members that may encounter some technical problems on the transition. Some may not log in immediately but all are being addressed fast. 

For those successfully log in, please check the new features of ProfitClicking!

Additional Note: To JBP members who have successfully migrated to Profitclicking might be surprised. Do check your dashboard if your funds are correctly in tuned with your JBP account. They said details might not correct for now. Some of the buttons are not yet fully operational, referral links are also disabled. The website is flock with hundred thousands visit as of today. 

The Live conference room of JBP are blocked for now, login password is required. We hope the JBP has an official blog site where members can direct their inquiries about the sudden change.

For twitter users, you can shoot questions to twitter account of JBP @jbphq

For more information feel free to ask JBP Hon