Friday, October 19, 2012

Profitclicking New Web Design!

ProfitClicking Improves Web Design!

Profitclicking continues to innovate the website, it now has new features, more clearer and newbie friendly. Check this out :

Included is the eye catching animated video, for quick marketing information for those who visits the site.

Another cool feature is the new shopping site, but still this is not yet fully operational.

Check it out! ProfitClicking now boast of the their first millionaires! 

Who else are bragging to achieve millions in just a month? Only here! Profitclicking now dominates the traffic sources, the Alexa rankings proves how huge the traffic of Profitclicking.

Go check out the new features of profitclicking. Don't be left behind. Join Now!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ProfitClicking Members can now Withdraw funds!


Profitclicking Withdrawals are now LIVE !

According to the latest updates from the management Members can now make daily withdrawals up to $250.00 per transaction from their wallet balance to the processor of choice.

YOU CAN WITHDRAW MAX of $250/ day!

Each withdrawal will show as pending until the transfer is complete. At this time,members can request one withdrawal per day. All processors have an eight percent fee (8%) except Solid Trust Pay which is four percent (4%).All fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount. So STP is still the good choice as payment processor because of low fees. You can enroll with SolidTrustPay for FREE using the steps I posted earlier.

Coming Soon: Within the next 48 hours, they will begin paying $0.10 on all ad packages purchased prior to the migration from Just Been Paid. So the worries of those previous JBP members which thought that their funds was stuck, hopefully they can access it again either for withdrawal of for funding ProfitClicking.

For those not yet involved in Profitclicking, its now time to join, its good to know that the Company are doing its best to address all the issues, maybe not that fast, but they are being taken care of.

Here is how members can earn

Profitclicking aims to surpassed the success of Justbeenpaid. As they embarked a new journey towards this new program. There are many obstacles to iron, it is better to attain success slowly but surely!  JBP and PC are always attentive to the development.

Join now! Profitclicking is worldwide business, Any age, any race, any status, any country can join! 

Please note: Withdrawal limits are subject to change at anytime.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Payment Processor for Profitclicking


There are many payment processors to choose from in putting funds for ProfitClicking business, you have Payza, Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money.. etc etc.  But It is my recommendation that you use SolidTrustPay, it is easy to setup, fast transactions. Other processors does make former Justbeenpaid members headaches when it comes to withdrawals, the important factor in choosing the Payment processors are, security of data, faster funding and of course fast withdrawals with less charges!

Previous JBP members have seen that STP delivers better than other processors, when there are live withdrawals but the others are not yet, some experience hacking of their accounts. but overall, STP has more better feedbacks from JBP members. So for ProfitClicking it is a good choice to open account in SolidTrustPay!

Here is the video made by Scott to guide you in Opening New Account for STP! 
Watch and learn!

Watch it in Full Screen Mode.


You can use the other Payment Processors, But put STP in your first list
Use your account in ProfitClicking, fund it with your Credit Card then transfer fund, deposit or buy Ad Packages in ProfitClicking!

Friday, September 14, 2012

ProfitClicking site now operational!

ProfitClicking Starts Accepting Funds

Its been almost a week since the launch of Profitclicking website, as of Sept 12 it open its accounts to all members. The announcement was posted in the News section of the Members dashboard.

Members can now access the accounts and fund it, however the admin advised that withdrawal cannot be done yet, it will take a day to start getting withdrawals. As of now, some of the buttons are not yet operational, just like buying traffics and other features. Sponsorships are on full swing, the members are compelled to view at least 3 ads a day to make the Ad packages working.

In the next few days, when all are operational, we will launch the step by step on how to use the Profitclicking website and its business. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who Is Frederick Mann?

Who Is Frederick Mann
(and other things about ProfitClicking)

According to the published words of Mike Goldstein - Co-Founder, IDENICS ® - - President, Survival Services International - 8/3/04

"I have had a close working relationship with Frederick Mann for over 10 years. During this time, hundreds of people have come to me for services as a result of Frederick's assistance. Over the past 17 years, I have had clients referred to me by several dynamic individuals, but these have never come close to the volume of clients I have received from Frederick's assistance. You could deduce that these referrals were the result of his publications that have praised my services, but this would only be a surface understanding of the reason for this success. Others have published my articles and recommended my company but the numbers of interested, potential clients for my services from other sources have paled in comparison to what has resulted from Mr. Mann. So why the greater success with him? I attribute this success to:

1. He is one of the most prolific writers I have ever known. What's more, aside from his publishing volume, there is the high quality of his content. His writings have always made an enormous impact on readers, providing them with valuable information that they can use to actually improve their lives.
2. The high percentages of people who have been successful from participating in his moneymaking programs. I can attest to the fact that many of the clients referred to me by Frederick paid for their services with money they made from his opportunities.
3. The incredible numbers of people internationally who read Frederick's writings and respect his work.
Frederick Mann is not just a success; he is a phenomenon. I have worked with many dynamic people in my career and Frederick is easily in the top five. He is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I look forward to what I am certain will continue to be a most valuable relationship."

But Frederick Mann is staying away from the ProfitClcking business, whether it is true or not, let us see some facts about the datas behind the new ProfitClicking.. And here are things we found out!

Registrant-Name:Frederick Mann
Registrant-Organisation:Bigbooster Ltd.
Creation Date
Expiration Date
Bigbooster Ltd.
Bigbooster Ltd.
Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
Administrative Contact
Mann, Frederick Bigbooster Ltd.
Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
Telephone: +27.6026040081
Technical Contact
Mann, Frederick Bigbooster Ltd.
Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
Telephone: +27.6026040081
Bigbooster Ltd.

Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
South Africa
Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 14-Mar-12
Expires on: 14-Mar-13
Last Updated on: 11-Jul-12
Administrative Contact:
Mann, Frederick
Bigbooster Ltd.

Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
South Africa

Server Properties

141 w jackson blvd., suite #1135, Chicago, US
Web host:
and also found this server in the Netherlands
but most searches showed a server in Chicago
ip Address:
Hosting Service: “”
Hosting City: Amsterdam
Hosting Region: 07
Hosting Postal:
Hosting Country: Netherlands
Domain Created: 14-mar-2012
Domain Expires: 14-mar-2013
Domain Life: 365
Other Domains:
Ping: 1497
Speed: Slow
Network Name:
Network Country:
Although this website appears to be based in the Netherlands there are other
countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.
It may be operating from Singapore
It has one nameserver in Great Britain
and also one nameserver in Singapore…
This website appears to be new and is only 162 days old.
But there are 6 servers and there are name servers also
found in Amersterdam something he has done with his other sites
he has one name server in USA and one in Amersterdam….
he also has other countries involved….
Bigbooster Ltd., is 13 years old  see all the programs below…
Registrant-Name:Frederick Mann
Registrant-Organisation:Bigbooster Ltd.

Payments routed through Canada to street address in South Africa
BIGBOOSTER LTD.. owns 12 domains in total
Profitclicking not listed as traffic stats not high enough.

and is not listed…..
10 most popular domains of this owner:
10 most popular domains of this owner: – JustBeenPaid – Make Money Online – Home-based Business – Business Opportunities – Money-making Secrets – — Free World Order – MonsterPreLaunch – The Most Explosive Marketing System on the Net! – Project CertoPower – — Free World Order – — Free World Order – JustBeenPaid – “You’ve Just Been Paid!” – JSS – Traffic Exchange

So Lets Wrap the information guys, according to our research.
FREDERICK MANN registered ProfitClicking, its expiration will be on March 14 2013, He own BIGBOOSTER LTD, which is also the company registered the ProfitClicking. under GODADDY hosting site. Gauteng South Africa is the origin BIG BOOSTER LTD business, It has active servers in Netherlands and other countries but the base movement was on Chicago USA. ProfitClicking Mission, Vision is the same with Justbeenpaid.
Frederick Mann has these programs under his name Justbeenpaid, Bigbooster, buildfreedom, monsterprelauch, certopower, jss, synergy and the latest one ..the PROFITCLICKING.
So for your additional information, and please be guided by logging to the conference. Moderators are working hard to provide everyone with proper information and solutions. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012



I have watched and waited for the final moments of the countdown of ProfitClicking Clock in the anticipation of the online business going live or will it again reset... here are proofs of its clock winding down.

Last One Minute...
 Final seconds...

There is a huge flush of clients around the world now logging in and starting to see whats inside and how the new online website will do.. but here is some of my evaluation:
1. The Server performance is below par or (Poor). For some number of days the moderators of JUSTBEENPAID keep on assuring the members that when the new servers are up, it will handle 5 to 10 Million clients and it will more faster than ever. but let me show the current Alexa status of examine closely:

Here are also the top 10 backlinks that makes alexa traffic.. it shows that the number one traffic source of ProfitClicking are coming from Facebook. Very clearly indicated that the site accessing is VERY SLOW. So where is the "Fast Servers" they are bragging..hmmm. The speed of site is a big factor, especially when the business requires online funding, it should be fast enough to avoid data losses when doing transactions. And I believe Godaddy is also the website backer.

One crucial factor in having funding online business is the security of the website.. which is not yet taken into serious consideration. Don't use your card payments when you don't see the "https://" sign. There are great chances your business, private data will be compromised.

As for the Live opening there are almost a 2,000 Visitors log in ProfitClicking. The Site have been visited by almost 5 Million visitors! that is huge in just 2 weeks time!

So, PROFITCLICKING members log in now! And finally get your hands on wet to the newly opened online business! I will post more reviews on what you will see INSIDE!

See & Feel PROFITCLICKING Earnings.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Profitclicking operation starts september 4 2012

ProfitClicking Goes LIVE on
 September 4!

Yes finally the countdown begins, so brace yourself former Justbeenpaid members, new members and other anticipating onlookers because the ALL NEW Profitclicking will open and fully operational starting SEPTEMBER 4 2012!


Prepare your budgets and sponsorships! We will see how this new potential online business will bring new earnings to us!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Finally ProfitClicking started running the Live Conference! 

Check this link to Log In to the Live Conference

For all ProfitClicking members who have just migrated, please go and address all your inquiries on the live conference.

ProfitClicking Seeks More Time From Members

Profitclicking had just released a news flash on their website, their statement indicates that the system will still continue to show "bugs" and system malfunctionality and ask the member to hold their patience. 

With the growing discontentment of the former JBP members, their anxiety towards their funds will make this fuel more. As the moderators and support staffs keep on taming the crowd to be more patient, the negative reviews that circles around ProfitClicking are hurting their recent launched website. People are asking why there is a sudden launch of a program when the system is not yet fully functional, these recent events have caught many former JBP members off guard. 

People are waiting eargerly and watching the developments of ProfitClicking if indeed it will live true to its name.. to Profit or will it be a loss.

Here is their recent news today:


1. What is Profit Clicking and why the change?
Profit Clicking is a global holdings company with a solid history of success and growth. The acquisition of JustBeenPaid by Profit Clicking has been in the works for some time now. We have kept this information quiet on purpose, to avoid the potential of the details being leaked out to our competitors. Profit Clicking brings a retail division to the already exciting business model and membership base of JustBeenPaid. Among the products is an exciting new state-of-the-art traffic exchange system that will allow you to continue receiving the financial benefits you experienced with JustBeenPaid. However, this business model will be slightly adjusted to meet our business requirements. Additional products, including contact management software, video distribution technology, and a complete pay-per-click marketing model will be coming soon. More information and details will be provided as updates are given.
2. Why did Frederick Mann retire?
Over the past several months, Frederick has had a number of additional programs in development. These projects are very much in line with Frederick's lifelong goals and works. After much consideration, Frederick decided to retire from JustBeenPaid, in order to have the time to allocate his efforts towards these new projects. He felt the time had come for this evolution, which was facilitated when Profit Clicking sought to acquire JustBeenPaid. Frederick will, however, be assisting us with the successful completion of the acquisition and implementation of Profit Clicking. We are grateful for his visionary wisdom and leadership, which has paved the way for all of us to have long lasting success in business.
3. Is Frederick Mann involved with Profit Clicking?
Frederick Mann has been working on the sale of JustBeenPaid to Profit Clicking for many months. One aspect of the negotiations was Frederick's insistence that the existing JustBeenPaid staff remain in place and the existing JustBeenPaid Executives retain the operational oversight. Based on this, Frederick's vision will remain intact. No, Frederick will not be a part of the new Profit Clicking regime going forward once the acquisition and transition to Profit Clicking is complete however, he laid the groundwork for his vision to live on.
4. Who owns Profit Clicking?
Profit Clicking is owned by an international global holdings company with a solid history of success and growth. The details regarding the individual company principals of the organization are proprietary. The existing team that has supported the JustBeenPaid community will retain the same roles and responsibilities going forward, however, the new Profit Clicking team will first assist with the completion of the acquisition set-up and then we will begin adding the new retail division components, as well as new technology to the website.
5. Is Profit Clicking compliant with the various commissions and jurisdictions?
Profit Clicking will continually strive to be legally compliant in all areas in which we do business. Nevertheless, as with any company, this is an ongoing and continual process. To that end, we are currently in communication with numerous organizations to ensure that we are observing and adhering to all necessary regulatory requirements set forth by these organizations. Since Profit Clicking is a global organization and given the size and complexity of each country in the world, we suggest that each member checks the local laws and regulations governing their particular area to ensure compliance requirements are being met. Profit Clicking simply cannot be responsible for obtaining the ever-changing requirements for every country. Additionally, please note that our corporate law firm is not authorized to provide any legal advice to members. However, if you have a compliance or legal issue that you believe should be addressed by Profit Clicking, you may contact our legal counsel. All contact information can be found on the footer of this website.
6. As a member of JBP, and now a member of Profit Clicking, do I have to sign up all over again? How do I sign in?
No, as a matter of fact, when you go to the former JustBeenPaid website, you will be redirected to the new Profit Clicking website and prompted to migrate your information over. To do this, you will simply be led to enter your member ID and password then make sure your account information is correct. After doing this, ALL your data, will be redirected over to the new site.
7. If I forgot my password and user ID, what can I do to retrieve them?
To determine your Member ID and password, you simply click on the URL, Forgot Password then, follow the instructions. Another method: If you have forgotten or lost your User ID, go to your email and sort for emails from JustBeenPaid. Look for an old email notifying you that one of your Tripler purchases was processed. In that email will be a number that looks like this: 5222081-6467838. The first part of the number, 5222081 is your User ID. Next, to retrieve your password, click on Login at the top of the Home page, click on Forgot Password, enter your User ID and click on the Submit button. You will be emailed a reset password link. Once you have established your new password, you can log into the new Profit Clicking website.
8. What happens to all of my old referrals?
There is no need to be concerned about the referrals you had in the previous system. When you enter your information into the new Profit Clicking website, everything will be migrated over, including your referrals.
9. Are all of our affiliate pages etc. going to have to get changed by us?
No need to worry about going back to all your old JustBeenPaid affiliate pages and banners to make changes. The Profit Clicking staff has been hard at work for months taking care of that for you! Over a period of time, you will be able to access your new marketing site and from there will have access to nearly 100 pre-made banners, splash pages, landing pages and sales pages. Keeps your eye out for announcements regarding this very soon
10. Why do we have a sign up pin, what is it used for?
We are requesting that you establish a unique 4-6 digit code, which will be used as a security measure when requesting assistance from Support so, they may access to your account, necessary for them to help you. Profit Clicking is dedicated to raising the bar with the support you receive on our new website.
11. Do we fund the same way is in JustBeenPaid?
Yes, at this time, there will be no changes to the way you fund your account in Profit Clicking.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Transfer in

Watch the video of JBP Alice shows how a Justbeenpaid member can join the New ProfitClicking program

There are some members that may encounter some technical problems on the transition. Some may not log in immediately but all are being addressed fast. 

For those successfully log in, please check the new features of ProfitClicking!

Additional Note: To JBP members who have successfully migrated to Profitclicking might be surprised. Do check your dashboard if your funds are correctly in tuned with your JBP account. They said details might not correct for now. Some of the buttons are not yet fully operational, referral links are also disabled. The website is flock with hundred thousands visit as of today. 

The Live conference room of JBP are blocked for now, login password is required. We hope the JBP has an official blog site where members can direct their inquiries about the sudden change.

For twitter users, you can shoot questions to twitter account of JBP @jbphq

For more information feel free to ask JBP Hon

Officially Launched!
August 22 2012

Yes! The day had already come! Justbeenpaid makers has unveiled the newest, most powerful, more stable, more larger income opportunity than ever before!

Here's the brief intro on how it will work folks

Create Your Free Account
  • Collect Your Complimentary Traffic Package
  • Add Additional Traffic Packages to Maximize Your Earnings (Optional)
  • Earn 2% Weekdays/1.5% Weekends on Monday Spent to Purchase
  • Set your account to “auto repurchase”
  • Earn Daily Cash for 81 Days!
Over the next 81 days, your traffic packages will produce 150% in total earnings, effortlessly! After 4 traffic packages expire at the end of the 81 days, you will receive 1 Matrix Package.Over time, each Matrix Package will earn an additional $60, totalling 300% in total earnings overall

WOW! 100,000 Visits in Just 2 days! And still counting all over the world! Its A Phenomenal Success!

For those who are not yet into this program, you will regret this opportunity! This is worldwide launch, the first are always the winners! Hurry, Join Now! 

For more information please feel free to ask JBP Hon

Sunday, August 19, 2012

PROFITCLICKING - The New Justbeenpaid


            There are rumors circling around the community of JUSTBEENPAID members (with the nuisance of impatient members about the delays of payment, and the assurance of new coming "servers" that will ultimately solve the present delays..) that there is a new remarkable program which is being cooked to replace or to improve JBP. As we scourge the internet and with the help of fellow gossipers, We have come accross this "NEW COMING SOON" website. Check this out!


There are numerous feature from JUSTBEENPAID which are similar to this "New" website. So you can't really distinguish it from the former. Or will this be an added program from the successful JSS Matrix  and JBP Triplers. Will this be the revealing new face of added TRAFFIC EXCHANGE of Justbeenpaid? Let's Take a look with the following features.

1. They share the same Payment Processors

2. Their system are similar.  2% daily on weekdays, 1.5% on weekends up to 81 days

3. Their Live feed comes directly from JBP Headquarters Twitter Account

So, Its up to you guys! JUSTBEENPAID are keeping it all under wraps, but for sure this news will be out soon! And for the new concept of ProfitClicking, this will open a new era of greater heights of income generating opportunity once again! Justbeenpaid will not be dissapointing those members which are now enjoying the benefits. 

To the makers of JBP, and this whole new thing of business. We will gladly embrace whatever big guns will be unleashed to the masses! 

See the Website Here:

Will post soon new updates for PROFITCLICKING!