Saturday, September 22, 2012

ProfitClicking Members can now Withdraw funds!


Profitclicking Withdrawals are now LIVE !

According to the latest updates from the management Members can now make daily withdrawals up to $250.00 per transaction from their wallet balance to the processor of choice.

YOU CAN WITHDRAW MAX of $250/ day!

Each withdrawal will show as pending until the transfer is complete. At this time,members can request one withdrawal per day. All processors have an eight percent fee (8%) except Solid Trust Pay which is four percent (4%).All fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount. So STP is still the good choice as payment processor because of low fees. You can enroll with SolidTrustPay for FREE using the steps I posted earlier.

Coming Soon: Within the next 48 hours, they will begin paying $0.10 on all ad packages purchased prior to the migration from Just Been Paid. So the worries of those previous JBP members which thought that their funds was stuck, hopefully they can access it again either for withdrawal of for funding ProfitClicking.

For those not yet involved in Profitclicking, its now time to join, its good to know that the Company are doing its best to address all the issues, maybe not that fast, but they are being taken care of.

Here is how members can earn

Profitclicking aims to surpassed the success of Justbeenpaid. As they embarked a new journey towards this new program. There are many obstacles to iron, it is better to attain success slowly but surely!  JBP and PC are always attentive to the development.

Join now! Profitclicking is worldwide business, Any age, any race, any status, any country can join! 

Please note: Withdrawal limits are subject to change at anytime.