Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who Is Frederick Mann?

Who Is Frederick Mann
(and other things about ProfitClicking)

According to the published words of Mike Goldstein - Co-Founder, IDENICS ® - - President, Survival Services International - 8/3/04

"I have had a close working relationship with Frederick Mann for over 10 years. During this time, hundreds of people have come to me for services as a result of Frederick's assistance. Over the past 17 years, I have had clients referred to me by several dynamic individuals, but these have never come close to the volume of clients I have received from Frederick's assistance. You could deduce that these referrals were the result of his publications that have praised my services, but this would only be a surface understanding of the reason for this success. Others have published my articles and recommended my company but the numbers of interested, potential clients for my services from other sources have paled in comparison to what has resulted from Mr. Mann. So why the greater success with him? I attribute this success to:

1. He is one of the most prolific writers I have ever known. What's more, aside from his publishing volume, there is the high quality of his content. His writings have always made an enormous impact on readers, providing them with valuable information that they can use to actually improve their lives.
2. The high percentages of people who have been successful from participating in his moneymaking programs. I can attest to the fact that many of the clients referred to me by Frederick paid for their services with money they made from his opportunities.
3. The incredible numbers of people internationally who read Frederick's writings and respect his work.
Frederick Mann is not just a success; he is a phenomenon. I have worked with many dynamic people in my career and Frederick is easily in the top five. He is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I look forward to what I am certain will continue to be a most valuable relationship."

But Frederick Mann is staying away from the ProfitClcking business, whether it is true or not, let us see some facts about the datas behind the new ProfitClicking.. And here are things we found out!

Registrant-Name:Frederick Mann
Registrant-Organisation:Bigbooster Ltd.
Creation Date
Expiration Date
Bigbooster Ltd.
Bigbooster Ltd.
Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
Administrative Contact
Mann, Frederick Bigbooster Ltd.
Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
Telephone: +27.6026040081
Technical Contact
Mann, Frederick Bigbooster Ltd.
Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
Telephone: +27.6026040081
Bigbooster Ltd.

Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
South Africa
Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 14-Mar-12
Expires on: 14-Mar-13
Last Updated on: 11-Jul-12
Administrative Contact:
Mann, Frederick
Bigbooster Ltd.

Private Bag X12 Suite 88
Roosevelt Park, Gauteng 2129
South Africa

Server Properties

141 w jackson blvd., suite #1135, Chicago, US
Web host:
and also found this server in the Netherlands
but most searches showed a server in Chicago
ip Address:
Hosting Service: “”
Hosting City: Amsterdam
Hosting Region: 07
Hosting Postal:
Hosting Country: Netherlands
Domain Created: 14-mar-2012
Domain Expires: 14-mar-2013
Domain Life: 365
Other Domains:
Ping: 1497
Speed: Slow
Network Name:
Network Country:
Although this website appears to be based in the Netherlands there are other
countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.
It may be operating from Singapore
It has one nameserver in Great Britain
and also one nameserver in Singapore…
This website appears to be new and is only 162 days old.
But there are 6 servers and there are name servers also
found in Amersterdam something he has done with his other sites
he has one name server in USA and one in Amersterdam….
he also has other countries involved….
Bigbooster Ltd., is 13 years old  see all the programs below…
Registrant-Name:Frederick Mann
Registrant-Organisation:Bigbooster Ltd.

Payments routed through Canada to street address in South Africa
BIGBOOSTER LTD.. owns 12 domains in total
Profitclicking not listed as traffic stats not high enough.

and is not listed…..
10 most popular domains of this owner:
10 most popular domains of this owner: – JustBeenPaid – Make Money Online – Home-based Business – Business Opportunities – Money-making Secrets – — Free World Order – MonsterPreLaunch – The Most Explosive Marketing System on the Net! – Project CertoPower – — Free World Order – — Free World Order – JustBeenPaid – “You’ve Just Been Paid!” – JSS – Traffic Exchange

So Lets Wrap the information guys, according to our research.
FREDERICK MANN registered ProfitClicking, its expiration will be on March 14 2013, He own BIGBOOSTER LTD, which is also the company registered the ProfitClicking. under GODADDY hosting site. Gauteng South Africa is the origin BIG BOOSTER LTD business, It has active servers in Netherlands and other countries but the base movement was on Chicago USA. ProfitClicking Mission, Vision is the same with Justbeenpaid.
Frederick Mann has these programs under his name Justbeenpaid, Bigbooster, buildfreedom, monsterprelauch, certopower, jss, synergy and the latest one ..the PROFITCLICKING.
So for your additional information, and please be guided by logging to the conference. Moderators are working hard to provide everyone with proper information and solutions.