Saturday, September 8, 2012



I have watched and waited for the final moments of the countdown of ProfitClicking Clock in the anticipation of the online business going live or will it again reset... here are proofs of its clock winding down.

Last One Minute...
 Final seconds...

There is a huge flush of clients around the world now logging in and starting to see whats inside and how the new online website will do.. but here is some of my evaluation:
1. The Server performance is below par or (Poor). For some number of days the moderators of JUSTBEENPAID keep on assuring the members that when the new servers are up, it will handle 5 to 10 Million clients and it will more faster than ever. but let me show the current Alexa status of examine closely:

Here are also the top 10 backlinks that makes alexa traffic.. it shows that the number one traffic source of ProfitClicking are coming from Facebook. Very clearly indicated that the site accessing is VERY SLOW. So where is the "Fast Servers" they are bragging..hmmm. The speed of site is a big factor, especially when the business requires online funding, it should be fast enough to avoid data losses when doing transactions. And I believe Godaddy is also the website backer.

One crucial factor in having funding online business is the security of the website.. which is not yet taken into serious consideration. Don't use your card payments when you don't see the "https://" sign. There are great chances your business, private data will be compromised.

As for the Live opening there are almost a 2,000 Visitors log in ProfitClicking. The Site have been visited by almost 5 Million visitors! that is huge in just 2 weeks time!

So, PROFITCLICKING members log in now! And finally get your hands on wet to the newly opened online business! I will post more reviews on what you will see INSIDE!

See & Feel PROFITCLICKING Earnings.